Reading Trolls

Hello readers and welcome to our blog. We are Reading Trolls, two reading enthusiasts. The idea for this blog came about spontaneously and was sparked by our desire to share our opinions with readers and give our recommendations for the books we read.
In this blog you will find honest opinions about the books we have read over the years. Very often we have searched the internet for unbiased opinions on books we have considered. Needless to say, we often came across wrong opinions. We realize that not everyone likes the same literature and that there are readers for every book.

To keep it entertaining and interesting for all of us, we will post some interesting suggestions and reviews. The selection is at our discretion, but we welcome your suggestions and recommendations. If you would like us to make a selection and suggestions for you, just write to us. We hope you enjoy reading the blog posts. If you have any comments, feel free to share them with us.

Have a great time reading.