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Hello reading friends and welcome to our blog. We are Reading Trolls, two friends who are passionate about reading. The idea for this blog came spontaneously and was born from the desire to share our opinions with the reading public in Bulgaria and to give our recommendations about the books we read.

In this blog you will find honest reviews about the books we have read over the years, new books, useful information about e-readers, news and promo codes for discounts. We have often scoured the internet looking for unbiased reviews of books that we have bookmarked. Needless to say, we have often come across fake reviews in the process. We know that we can not all like the same literature and that every book has its readers. We do not seek sales and do not take commissions. So rest assured that if we do not like a book, we will let you know. To keep it fun and interesting for all of us, we will also share various interesting suggestions and tables with you. The selection will be at our discretion, but we would love to hear your suggestions and recommendations. If you would like us to make a selection and suggestions for you, just send us an email. We hope you enjoy reading the blog articles. If you have any comments, feel free to share them with us.

You can also find us on Instagram, where we would love to share our opinions and recommendations with you. Become our reading companion.

Have fun reading.