“Fitz and the Fool Series” is a series by the well-known author Robin Hobb. The series comprises three books.

Fool’s Assassin 2014.
Fool’s Quest 2015.
Assassin’s Fate 2017.

The plot is a continuation of the story of the royal assassin Fitz and his courtly friend called The Fool. It takes place several years after the events of ” The Tawny Man series. FitzChivalry has left behind a palace life full of intrigue and danger. He lives a life in the provinces with his wife Molly and is happy about his little daughter. Although he has moved on from his old life, Fitz never quite forgets his missing friend Shute. When a new danger comes to his family, Fitz is forced to turn to the past. The old magic still flows in his blood and the old craft is not forgotten. The royal bastard will embark on a new adventure and prove to his enemies that a man with nothing to lose is very dangerous.

“Fitz and the Fool” is the epic conclusion to an unforgettable story about the royal bastard and assassin FitzChivalry Farseer.