“Lux” by American author Jennifer L. Armentrout is a paranormal fantasy series consisting of three series (Lux, Arum and Origin) and three companion books.

The story begins with Katy, a young woman who moves from Florida to West Virginia just before her senior year and finds out that her sexy but arrogant new neighbor is actually an alien. Then things get complicated and dangerous.

The series revolves around the conflict between two different types of aliens. One is characterized by its ability to manipulate light and is called Luxen. Their opponents and greatest enemies are the Arums, who harness the power of darkness.

A few years ago, the Luxen’s planet was destroyed by the Arum and they were forced to flee. Some have settled on Earth and are forced to hide among the humans.

Read the books from the Lux universe in chronological order:
Shadows – Backstory
Oblivion 1.5 – Obsidian through Damon’s eyes
Oblivion 2.5 – Onyx through Damon’s eyes
Oblivion 3.5 – Opal through the eyes of Daemon
Obsession from the Arum series
The Darkest Star from the Origin series
The Burning Shadow from the Origin series
The Brightest Night from the Origin series