The Empyrean series is the official name of the series by author Rebecca Yarros, which will comprise 5 books.

1. Fourth Wing

2. Iron Flame

The story takes place in the heart of the kingdom of Navarre, in the Basgiath War College. The kingdom is protected by magical barriers created by the dragons that live there. They stop any magic that tries to overcome them. The kingdom has been at war with Poromiel for centuries.

The military college is divided into four quadrants: Riders, Scribes, Healers and Infantry. The defenders of Navarre are trained as dragon riders by the Basgiath War College.

Quadrant of Riders

The Quadrant of Riders is divided into four wings. Each wing consists of three parts: Flame, Claw and Tail. From there, each has three sections. Their uniforms are black.

On the day of admission, all prospective students must pass a physical exam. Those who fail die. The training lasts three years. Freshmen are not allowed to write or receive letters from their family. Only sophomores and juniors have this privilege.

If their child dies at the military college, parents have the option of either having the body and personal belongings picked up for cremation, or the school will bury the body under a rock and burn the belongings.

Rider Quadrant cadets are trained to fight on the back of a dragon. This is the deadliest quadrant. On average, fifteen percent of candidates die trying to cross the parapet, and seventy-five percent die before reaching the finish line. Riders are at the top of the social and military hierarchy.

Quadrant of Scribes

Scribes must pass a written entrance exam on the day of admission to begin their training as a scribe. Part of the exam deals with the history of Navarre and its complicated relationship with Poromiel. Their uniforms are cream-colored.

Scribes take part in the Rider’ formation each morning to announce the cadets and riders who have died the previous day. The Scribes also teach “Battle Resolution” in the Riders’ quadrant. They have access to up-to-date information to teach the cadets and riders battle strategies and keep them informed of events in Navarre.

They are expected to keep their composure and not show any unnecessary emotion – even hugging a friend would be reason enough to be punished.

Scribes are allowed to return home during the summer vacation during their three years of training.

Quadrant of Healers

Their quadrant is located in the southern part of the campus. Their uniforms are pale blue.

Healers do not have magic, but rely on traditional healing skills and medical training to heal. At the War College, healers work together to heal wounded students.

Infantry Quadrant

Most recruits join the infantry quadrant. The entrance to their quadrant is located at the foot of the north tower of the military academy on the first floor.

Their uniforms are dark blue.

Part of their training consists of camping and outdoor survival.

It takes at least a whole company of infantry to make up for the loss of a rider.

The main characters are trained in the Riders quadrant.

Violet is the daughter of the commanding General Sorrengale. Her mother forces her to join the Riders, even though she has been trained as a scribe all her life.

Xaden is the son of a secessionist. The children of traitors must serve in the quadrant of the Riders to prove their loyalty to Navarre.

The Kingdom of Navarre has been at war with neighboring Poromiel for centuries. A secret is being kept among Navarre’s army commanders that could completely change the course of the war. The cadets are kept in the dark about what is happening on the border with Poromiel.

Xaden and Violet are forced to work together. Their dragons are a well-rehearsed pair and cannot be separated for long. Although they are enemies, they begin to trust each other, which puts Violet in danger. Her loyalty to Navarre is put to the test.