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“The Book of Azrael” by Amber V. Nicole Book Review

Book: The Book of Azrael

Series: Gods and monsters #1

Author: Amber V. Nicole

812 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 26, 2022

World Ender meets Ender of Worlds…

The first thing that drew me to “The Book of Azrael” was the cover. I’ll admit, I’m like magpies and am impressed by shiny things. Then I noticed the foreign Instagrammers touting it. Most of the time I’m biased, but I love it when a book proves me wrong, and that’s exactly what happened with this book. And if my thoughts in this review seem chaotic to you, it’s because I’m still in shock.

“The Book of Azrael” is a dark fantasy novel that tells the story of two sisters. One gives up her life so that the other can live. To save her dying sister, Dianna sells her soul to a terrible monster. Reborn with dark magic, she becomes a bloodthirsty, terrifying killing machine.

Storyline in “The Book of Azrael”

The storyline was the first thing that appealed to me. The world Amber Nicole creates is quite epic and captivating. We have gods and monsters from legends, vampires, witches and banshees. Just imagine a magical creature and I’m sure the author will let your imagination run wild. And to top it all off, she does it in a rather original way.

The plot moves at a steady and even pace. There wasn’t a moment when some part of the characters’ past wasn’t inserted to give the world a sense of wholeness. The pace at which the characters’ secrets and traumas are revealed kept me engrossed throughout the book.

The author’s descriptions and style left me a little confused in places, but that may be because I read the book in English, which isn’t my first language. However, my overall impression of the book was enhanced by the fact that the relationships between the characters were portrayed realistically. There were no exaggerated reactions or illogical behavior, which made the characters memorable.


Dianna – lele malle. She’s an elemental main character. Despite all the shit she’s been through and the traumas she’s learned to live with, Dianna has managed to keep her human heart. But don’t expect to find a good hero in her, because she’s a real badass. I was looking forward to reading about a heroine whose morals are more “gray”.

The love and relationship between the two sisters is conveyed very well. Dianna and Gabriella are very different. One is meek and wants a normal life more than anything. The other is fiery, violent and dangerous. Both are prepared to do anything for each other. But Diana’s sacrifice is a burden, which the author shows and describes very well.

Samkiel’s story is another interesting thread in the narrative. He’s a mythical god who lives only in isolation after his world was destroyed in the war with the Ig’Morruthens (monsters). As the threat of their return grows, he’s forced to return and protect the world. Liam is a hero shrouded in mystery. He’s tormented by his past, by the agony of his failures and by the burden of power he never wanted. I really liked how the character of Samkiel was built up and how Amber Nicole characterized him. Yes, he was burdened and traumatized, but he wasn’t a whiny and annoying asshole either. His emotional journey is portrayed incredibly well through the thoughts and monologs in the chapters dedicated to him.

The romance and the tropes

From enemies to lovers – the good guy falls in love with the criminal, he’s the savior god and she’s one of the evil monsters, his strength is light and hers is darkness and fire… if you like reading a book where opposites attract, then the characters in “The Book of Azrael” fulfill all the criteria in my opinion.

Forbidden love – it’s more than clear that Dianna and Liam don’t have a future together…

Emotional trauma – this is also in the top ten. Both characters have serious problems and find solace in each other.

Slow Burn has reached a new level. The transition of the characters from mortal enemies to lovers is very sweet and romantic, but also painful.

Rating for The Book of Azrael

5 stars It knows. Memorable characters and exciting fates. Interesting world. By the middle of the book I had the solution, but the ending officially blew me away. I’ll eagerly start the second book because I need to know what happens next.

“The Throne of Broken Gods” book #2

World Ender meets Ender of Worlds… 
A thousand years ago, Dianna gave up her life in the deserts of Erioa to save her dying sister. She called upon anyone who would listen, not expecting a monster far worse than any nightmare to answer. Now she does what Kaden asks, even if that means securing an ancient relic from the very creatures that hunt her. 
A King thought long dead and long forgotten. 
In the old world his name was Samkiel. In the new world it is Liam, but one title remains true throughout time. He is the World Ender, a myth to his enemies, a savior and King to those loyal to him. After the Gods War, he locked himself away, hiding from the world. He denied his crown and responsibilities, leaving the very ones who needed him most to deal with the fallout of the death of their homeworld. Now an attack on those he holds dear sends him back to the one realm he never wished to visit again and into the sights of an enemy he thought imprisoned eons ago. 
Now enemies older than time must put aside their differences and work together in hopes of saving both their world and every realm in between. 


Hello, my name is Todora, but now also known as Dochka or Docheto. I have two wonderful dragons at home (boys ages 5 and 7) that I am trying to raise in the love of books. I was quite a chatterbox as a kid when I had required reading in school, and now I am trying to make up for it. I love reading fantasy, sweet endings are not my "thing". I love it when there are struggles, intrigue, and surprises in a book that shake you to your core. If I fell into paranoia that all the characters were traitors, my rating would be 5 stars. In short, I love to read and if one day I find a way to make this my sole occupation and get paid for it :D, I will have stumbled into heaven.

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