Sarah J. Maas began writing the “Throne of Glass” series when she was 16 years old. She managed to publish it in 2012. The book became an international bestseller and made Sarah J. Maas a world-renowned author in the fantasy genre.

The protagonist of the series is Celaena Sardothien. She is deadly. She is trained by the kingdom’s most notorious assassin and prepared to become his successor, until she is betrayed and imprisoned in the maximum security prison. Selene only gets the chance to be freed by Prince Dorian if she wins the competition to become the new royal assassin.

The plot is set in the world of Erilea. Adarlan is a kingdom ruled by a cruel king. The king of Adarlan had banned magic, and all beings who possessed it or knew how to use it were brutally slaughtered and persecuted. But there is a deep and cleverly hidden secret around his disappearance.

In the first book, Throne of Glass, the story revolves around the race and the secrets that lie within the palace itself. Very soon it becomes clear that Selene must fight not only for first place, but also for her life. She must solve a mystery and find a mysterious killer who eliminates the participants.

In the following books, the intrigue surrounding Celaena’s mysterious origin becomes even more exciting. The plot is full of battles and twists. And the lost princess of Terasen is fighting a battle for the throne.

The Throne of Glass series includes the books

Novella “The Assassin’s Blade

Throne of Glass 2014.
Crown of Midnight 2014.
Heir of Fire 2015.
Queen of Shadows 2016.
Empire of Storms 2017.
Tower of Dawn 2018.
Kingdom of Ash 2019.