“The Book of Azrael” is the first novel in the Gods and Monsters series by Amber V. Nicole and was published in 2022.

The world has been at peace for a thousand years. At least until this moment.

Map from the Gods and Monsters series

Many centuries ago, Dianna desperately tries to save her dying sister and makes a deal with Kaden, the king of monsters. In return, she is forced to fulfill his every whim.

After the war of the gods, Samkiel hides from everything and everyone, renounces his own crown and abandons his people. When the threat to those he loves returns, he comes back.

Samkiel and Dianna, whose world is now at stake, are forced to overcome their enmity for each other and work together before all is lost.

“The Throne of Broken Gods” is the second novel in the Gods and Monsters series and was released in 2023.


Onuna – the planet on which mortals live. After the end of the war of the gods, many celestials seek refuge there.

Netherworld/Otherworld – the realm of monsters

Etherworld – the realm of the gods

The following types of fantastic creatures can be found in the books


Celestials – immortals created by the gods

Ig’Morruthen – monsters created by the four kings of Yeherin (Yejedin)





Books in the series:

The Book of Azrael

The Throne of Broken Gods