“The Plated Prisoner” is a series by American author Raven Kennedy. The story is based on the legend of Midas, who has the power to gild everything he touches. The protagonist is an orphan girl who is rescued by Midas. Auren had a difficult childhood, was abused because of her physical attractiveness and was forced to live on the streets.

Now Auren is safe in Midas’ castle. She is the king’s favorite and everything except her irises and teeth are made of gold. When Midas becomes king, she becomes his most prized possession, his favorite, known throughout Orea because of the color of her skin.

There are six kingdoms in the lands of Orea, and on the throne of each of these kingdoms reigns a ruler with special magical powers. Although the sixth kingdom is the richest, a possible war looms on the horizon. Auren’s life changes completely. Even the palace where she felt safe until recently is no longer enough.

Forced to leave her golden cage, Auren discovers many truths about her previous life. She meets new characters and discovers her true potential. Determined to build a life on her own terms and stop being a woman who needs to be saved, she embarks on a nerve-wracking adventure.

Books in The Plated Prisoner series: