“Monsters of Verity” is a series by world-renowned author Victoria Schwab that consists of two books, This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet.

The story of the books follows the lives and meeting of Katherine “Kate” Olivia Harker and August Flynn. The two are originally from the divided city, which is divided into two warring communities. On one side is Kate’s ruthless and cruel father and on the other is August’s justice-loving adoptive father. Monsters live in the divided city and terrorize the people. With their appearance, all other cities close their borders, and among them is the wasteland.

Kate lives for a while in isolation with her mother in a house on the edge of the Wasteland. But she is desperate to get home to her father. When her mother dies in a car accident, her father sends her out of town. Years later, Kate has been expelled from 5 schools and is determined to return to her father and prove to him that she is his worthy daughter.

August is a monster, but wants to be human.

He is a sunai and his singing is capable of ripping the soul out of any sinner. To help his father in his attempts to keep the peace, August is sent to Kate’s school and takes on the task of watching over her.

The world that Victoria Schwab creates is peppered with many fantastic elements. We have cities in the future that are closed systems with checkpoints. The world is trying to protect itself from the monsters. Every great tragedy and crime awakens a monster. There are different types. The Sunai are the rarest and the only ones they feed on are the souls of sinners. The Malchai feed on blood. The corsairs feed on flesh.

This Fierce Song Book #1
Our dark duet Book #2