The author of the fantasy trilogy Farseer is Robin Hobb. This is the first series in which we meet her famous character Fitz.
The books are set in the world of the Six Duchies, where life resembles the familiar Middle Ages. The heirs of the royal house are in possession of magic and this is a powerful weapon against the kingdom’s enemies.

Fitz is the illegitimate child of the heir to the throne. He is forced to grow up without a mother or parental support. Abandoned in the castle stables, Fitz is raised by the crown prince’s loyal servant. As he poses a threat to his heirs, King Shrewd binds him with a contract and a promise of loyalty. Fitz is chosen to be trained by the royal assassin and to be loyal to the king for the rest of his life.

There are two types of magic in the world of the Six Duchies. Skill is the “pure” magic that allows the skilful one to control and manipulate the mind of his victim. With its help, the kingdom defends itself against the attacks of its enemies from the islands. But the price for constant use of the skill is high, and the skilful often pay with their lives.

The impure and stigmatised magic is called a despised Wit. It is considered a perversion and those who possess it are severely persecuted. Wit is the ability to communicate with animals. Those who can use it form a deep bond with an animal, allowing them to share their thoughts and senses. They become “brothers”

Fitz is endowed with these two gifts and in the series we follow his development from the age of six until he comes of age. The character goes through a series of harrowing trials and repeatedly finds himself in mortal danger.

The series includes the books:

1. “Assassin’s Apprentice”
2. “Royal Assassin”
3. “Assassin’s Quest”

Farseer trilogy map