“Liveship Traders” is a heroic fantasy series by author Robin Hobb. For fans of the genre, it’s a name they won’t be able to put down and forget.

“Living Ships” is a story set in the familiar world of the Farseer trilogy. This time, Robin Hobb introduces us to the people who live on the other side of the sea. The merchants of Bingtown are faced with the exorbitant taxes of the Satrap and many of them find themselves in a difficult position. They must decide at what price they will honor the words they have spoken and the agreements they have made.

The rescue ship traders are at the center of the plot. The fabulous ships are made of magical wood and hold the memories of generations, but no one knows their true nature. Each ship is bound by the power of blood to the family that owns it. Three generations of its captains must die for it to be awakened on board, and it must be under the leadership of a family member for it to sail.

The series contains the following books.

Ship of Magic Book #1
The Mad Ship Book #2
Ship of Destiny Book #3

Liveship Traders
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