“The Folk of Air” is a young adult book series in the fantasy genre by author Holly Black. The series includes three books.

The Cruel Prince
Novela The Lost Sisters
The Wicked King
The Queen of Nothing
Novela How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories

The Folk of Air

The books follow the life of Jude, a human child growing up in the world of the elves. Being a human without magic and living among a magical people is anything but easy. Jude and her twin sister Taryn have a difficult childhood full of dangers. The land of the elves is not a safe place for humans, and they are constantly reminded of this.

Jude is only seven years old when her parents are killed. She and her sisters must live in the treacherous realm of the fairies. Ten years later, nothing is more important to Jude than earning her place among the people of Elfhame. To achieve this, she becomes involved in a palace intrigue for a place on the throne.

Of all her classmates, Cardan is the one who scares Jude the most. The little prince is also the last person she would want as an ally. However, circumstances make it necessary for Jude to need his help and Cardan’s life depends on Jude’s mercy.