“The Darkwater Legacy” is fantasy book series by author Cris Wooding. It first book “The Ember Blade”is published in 2018. The series will countian 3 books.

The Ember Blade
The Shadow Casket
The Darkwater Legacy Book 3

The Darkwater Legacy by Chris Wooding map

The story is an extended and epic fantasy.

We follow a group of characters on their adventure. The Ember Blade is set mainly in the conquered fantasy nation of Ossia, invaded and destroyed by the Krodan Empire. The only Ossians who are still alive and not in prison are those who bow to the Krodans and follow them. They educate and brainwash their children to believe that the Krodan are the saviors and everything they invent is more valuable than Ossian tools. Among them is the main protagonist of the series, Aren, who grew up wanting to be a Krodan with all his heart.

Aren was brought up according to the laws and principles of the Krodan Empire. He believes in their god and rejects everything that has to do with his ancestors. He has lived his entire life according to the Krodan rules of conduct. After Aren’s father is accused of treason and murdered before his eyes, Aren is imprisoned in a labor camp where every day is a struggle to survive. Cade, his best friend whose only crime is standing up for his friend with the police, shares his fate. Cade, who grew up hearing stories of Ossia’s past greatness, knows firsthand the brutal reality of slavery. To him, anything to do with Krodan is deceit, and he despises the Empire. When a group of freedom fighters liberates them from the camp, Aren begins to realize that there is more behind Krodan’s quest for order. Soon Aren makes the decision that they must fight them and is given the opportunity to do so. They soon become embroiled in a plot to break into an impregnable fortress and steal the legendary Ember Blade, an ancient sword that has the potential to incite the Ossian people to rebellion. Aren and his comrades succeed in carrying out the heist, but suffer great losses in the process.