“Wicked kingdom” is a series by author Abbey Fox. It is set in the world of Castian. There are 4 kingdoms in it. Iron, Copper, Silver and Gold.

Humans, wizards and shapeshifters live in the world of Castian.
The first book, which is a prequel to the main series, tells the story of a young sorceress who must repay her debt to the Shadow God. The story is set in the Iron Kingdom, where traditionally those who wield magic are mated to keep magic in the bloodlines. It is of utmost importance to the crown to produce powerful heirs.

Cora, or Violet by nickname, must marry Gavin, a healer from Valdor. When Cora kills one of the members of the Society of the Crows during the ceremony, she flees in the hope of finding her family again. She is declared a deserter and hunted by the crows to be punished for her crimes.

Gavin, her husband, finds her and tries to help Violet escape from the Iron Kingdom. On their way to freedom, they uncover the plans of Gavin’s commander, who wants to start a war between the kingdoms. The heroes discover how rotten the Society of Crows is, which was founded to protect the kingdom’s citizens but now only uses its power to harass them.

Books in the series

The Curse of the Shadow God

The Curse of The Crow

The Curse of a Kingdom