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What is the advantage of an E-book reader over a book?

Nowadays, technology has advanced, and many e-readers can use the Internet via Wi-Fi, which allows you to download the e-book directly from the cloud or from the e-book retailer. You can also upload files from your computer to your device via a USB cable. E-book readers can store thousands of books, limited only by their memory, although most models on the market allow inserting an additional memory card. Another aspect that matters today is the fact that the e-book saves trees from being cut down. According to a study by UN, 14 trees are needed for one ton of paper.

Why an E-book reader instead of a tablet/phone?

An E-book reader is a device that allows you to read e-books conveniently. It is shaped like a tablet and is easy to carry around. The main difference is that the display imitates paper and is not a LCD screen. It is the so-called e-ink technology. This allows for a much longer battery life, which can be several weeks. In addition, the readability is better, it is easier on the eyes and you can read in sunlight without being blinded. Most new models are now equipped with built-in backlighting, so they can also be used in the evening – an added convenience for avid readers.

E-book reader are equipped with many features that make reading easier for the reader. One of them is the ability to adjust font size and word spacing. This is much appreciated by users with reading difficulties or dyslexia. Some e-readers have a built-in dictionary and the ability to download additional dictionaries where you can easily look up definitions or translations of keywords.

Famous brands of e-readers.
Amazon Kindle