Amber V. Nicole is an author of dark fantasy with a dash of horror. When she’s not writing she’s probably playing video games or obsessing over some anime.

Amber V. Nicole Fantasy Author

She actively participates in a Greek blog where old and new gods are discussed. She wrote short stories in high school and took English classes in college.

She works as a veterinary assistant.

Amber loves morally gray characters with their flaws and all. She dreams of faraway places with magic, dragons, and swords. Amber loves a good villain and plans to tell so many stories where they all get the spotlight. She hopes to conquer the world by shining a light on what really makes a person turn to the dark side.

After finding out about BookTok he decided to share about his book “The Book of Azrael” which he has been working on for two years but has not been published.

“The Book of Azrael is the first novel in the Gods and Monsters series and was released in 2022.

There are 2 books published in the series.

The Book of Azrael

The Throne of Broken Gods