Amelie Wen Zhao is a writer who carries the richness of two cultures within her. Born in Paris and raised in Beijing, she spent her childhood in the world of fiction, inspired by the fairy tales she invented in her grandmother’s courtyard. While still living in China, she began writing in English. She learned the language through her favorite Harry Potter books.

Amelie Wen Zhao

Her talent for writing showed early on when she wrote a poem about a wolf in fourth grade that impressed her English teacher. She continued her education in the United States, where she not only gained knowledge but also further developed her passion for writing. Today, Amelie lives in New York and balances her day job in the financial industry with her night sessions as a fantasy author.

She never forgets her roots and often travels to China with her family, where she draws inspiration from the ancient landscapes that come to life on the pages of her novels. In this way, Amelie Wen Zhao continues to enrich the world of literature with her unique perspective and imagination.

Song of the Last Kingdom ⋆ Series

Song of Silver, Flame Like Night