John Gwynne is an English writer who was born in Singapore. As a child, his family traveled frequently due to his father’s work commitments. He currently lives in East Sussex with his family and three dogs.

John Gwynne

Before devoting himself to his writing career, John Gwynn worked in a variety of jobs. They ranged from packaging soap in a factory to teaching at Brighton College. In between, he even managed to work as a waiter in a restaurant in Canada.

Due to his daughter’s disability, John Gwynn quit his job at the college and began restoring furniture with his wife. Inspired by authors such as Tolkien and Martin, he began writing stories and became a well-known author with The Faithful and the Fallen series, which debuted successfully in 2012.

It is a highly acclaimed fantasy series published by Tor UK/Panmacmillan and Orbit Books. The first book, Malice, won the David Gemmell Morningstar Award for First Fantasy Novel in 2013. It tells the story of a boy who wants to become a warrior and has to make sacrifices and hardships along the way. The novel presents a rich fantasy world, political intrigue and epic battles.

The second part of the “Valor” series will be published in 2013. The novel continues the story of the heroine Corban. The plot reveals the internal politics between the king and his queen while painting a picture of destruction as the High King begins a holy crusade against all who stand in his way. The book introduces new characters such as Cywen.

The third book in the series, titled “‘Ruin” was published in 2015 and brings the story to a climax where the prophecy is about to come true. The book is full of adventures and important decisions that will determine the fate of the lands and set the stage for the final battle.

This series has been a great success with readers all over the world, but Gwynn has also worked on various other projects.

He has worked on “Blackguards: Tales of Assassins, Mercenaries, and Rogues” and “Legends II: Stories in Honor of David Gimmell”, among other famous names in the genre.

His style is characterized by his dark point of view and the wit of his characters.

Books by John Gwynne

The Faithful and the Fallen Books 

Malice, (2012) 

Valor, (2014), 

Ruin, (2015) 

Wrath, (2016) 

Blood & Bone Books Series

A Time of Dread, (2018) 

A Time of Blood, (2019) 

A Time of Courage, (2020) 

The Bloodsworn Saga Series

The Bloodsworn Saga Guidebook

The Shadow of the Gods, (2021) 

The Hunger of the Gods, (2022) 

The Fury of the Gods, (2024) 

Tales of the Apt Books Series with Juliet E. McKenna, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Frances Hardinge 

Spoils of War(By: Adrian Tchaikovsky), (2016) 

A Time for Grief(By: Adrian Tchaikovsky), (2017) 

For Love of Distant Shores(By: Adrian Tchaikovsky), (2018) 

The Scent of Tears(With: Juliet E. McKenna,Adrian Tchaikovsky,Frances Hardinge), (2018) 

Short story collections

Journeys, (2017) 

Art of War, (2018) 

Unfettered III: New Tales By Masters of Fantasy, (2019)