Maiya Ibrahim is an Australian fantasy and non-fiction writer of Arabic descent from a Lebanese family. She was born and raised in Sydney and has been writing since she was a teenager.

Maiya Ibrahim’s debut novel is Spice Road, after which the series is named. The first book was published in 2023. The novel became a bestseller on the Sydney Times list.

Maiya Ibrahim

Maiya Ibrahim

“Spice Road” tells the story of seventeen-year-old Imani, who lives in the town of Kalia, hidden in the sand. A secret spice grows in the kingdom of Sahir, the tea of which releases people’s magical gifts. The heroine has dedicated her life to fighting the jinn, evil spirits and monsters that roam the sands and terrorize the population. But when she discovers a mysterious clue about her missing brother, she learns that not everything she took for granted is true.

Spice Road series

1. Spice Road

2. Sea (2024)