Spice Road is a series by fantasy author Maiya Ibrahim. The first book in the series has the same title and was published in 2023.

The action takes place in the Arab countries. The main character, Imani, is raised to protect her people from the monsters that lurk in the sand. Magic is still alive in the kingdom of Sahir. The secret spice Misra and the tea made from it awaken the magical powers of her subjects. Imani has mastered the iron and is unsurpassed in dagger fighting. The seventeen-year-old heroine is one of the most effective members of the Shield, a combat unit in the kingdom specially trained to fight the dangerous djinn, ghouls and monsters that lurk in the sands beyond the city limits.

However, her reputation is tarnished by her brother, who drags the family name through the mud after being caught stealing the priceless Misra. This is a sure sign of an addiction that leads to madness. Soon after, he disappears and is presumed dead, until one day Imani discovers clues that lead to another kingdom where her brother may be hiding.

The series consists of three books. First book is “Spice Road”. The second book, “Serpent Sea”, is due to be published in 2024.