Parker S. Huntington is a talented author known for her captivating romantic works. She holds a BA in creative writing from the College of California, Riverside, and an MFA in literature from Harvard.

She is known for her works:

“Devious Lies”: This novel tells of the complicated relationships between wealthy families, dark secrets and unexpected passions.

The book is a collaboration with L. J. Shen, author of My Dark Romeo, which is also the first book in the Dark Prince Road series.

“My Dark Desire” book #2

Parker S. Huntington is also the author of:

The Five Syndicates series

Asher Black

Niccolaio Andretti

Ranieri Andretti (Novella)

Bastiano Romano

Renata Vitali (Novella)

Damiano De Luca

Cruel Crown series

Devious Lies

Standalone novels

Darling Venom