Frank Herbert is an American science fiction writer. He was born in 1920. Herbert began reading science fiction in the 1940s and wrote his first novel a few years later, which was published in 1955. “The Dragon and the Sea” is not a famous book, but its plot predicts the conflicts of our time involving the production and consumption of oil. His most famous work is “Dune”. He started working on this novel in 1959 and took about 6 years to complete it. The scope of the work is too large for the standards of its time. Initially, Dune was rejected by all publishers, but after its publication it became a sensation and won a number of awards.

Frank Herbert

The following ideas can be found in his works:

Ecology. He emphasizes the need for the population to think in the long term. The second book of “Dune” is about the devastating effects that the reforestation of Arrakis will have on the entire ecosystem of the planet.

The relationship between religion, power and politics. The tendency of the masses to follow charismatic leaders, the advantages and disadvantages of bureaucracy.

Human evolution – an example of this is the Fremen and Sardaukar races evolving into a superrace hardened by the harsh conditions of the planets they live on.

Different conceptions of human abilities and potentials – such as the Bene Geserit and the Mentats, who are measured by the power of the mind against the abilities of computers.


Dune series

  • Dune (1965)
  • Dune Messiah (1969)
  • Children of Dune (1976)
  • God Emperor of Dune (1981)
  • Heretics of Dune (1984)
  • Chapterhouse: Dune (1985)
  • House Atreides (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (1999)
  • House Harkonnen (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (2000)
  • House Corrino (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (2001)
  • Fremen Justice (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (2001)
  • The Butlerian Jihad (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (2002)
  • The Machine Crusade (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (2002)
  • The Battle of Corrin (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (2004)
  • Hunters of Dune (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (2006)
  • Sandworms of Dune (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (2007)
  • Paul of Dune (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (2008)
  • The Winds of Dune (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (2009)
  • Sisterhood of Dune (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (2011)
  • Mentats of Dune (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (2014)
  • Red Plague (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (2016)
  • Navigators of Dune (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (2016)
  • The Duke of Caladan (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (2020)
  • The Lady of Caladan (By:Brian Herbert,Kevin J. Anderson) (2021)

ConSentiency Universe Books

  • Whipping Star (1969)
  • The Dosadi Experiment (1977)

The Pandora Sequence Books

  • Destination Void (1966)
  • The Jesus Incident (With: Bill Ransom) (1979)
  • The Lazarus Effect (With: Bill Ransom) (1983)
  • The Ascension Factor (With: Bill Ransom) (1988)

Standalone Novels

  • The Dragon in the Sea (1956)
  • Missing Link (1959)
  • Operation Haystack (1959)
  • Try to Remember (1961)
  • The Green Brain (1966)
  • The Eyes of Heisenberg (1966)
  • The Heaven Makers (1968)
  • The Santaroga Barrier (1968)
  • Soul Catcher (1972)
  • The Godmakers (1972)
  • Hellstrom’s Hive (1973)
  • Direct Descent (1980)
  • The White Plague (1982)
  • Man of Two Worlds (1986)
  • Old Rambling House (2010)
  • High-Opp (2012)
  • Angels’ Fall (2013)
  • A Game of Authors (2013)
  • A Thorn in the Bush (2014)

Frank Herbert also has a number of collections of short stories and articles in famous newspapers.