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“Lover Eternal” by J.R. Ward Book Review

Book: “Lover Eternal”

Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 2

Author. J.R. Ward

441 pages, Mass Market Paperback

Published March 7, 2006 by Signet

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In the second book in the series, Ward tells us the story of Rhage. The fierce and stunningly handsome brother nicknamed Hollywood. Raj is tall, blond, has ocean-colored eyes, perfection itself, but is just as bloodthirsty as the rest of the Brotherhood’s warriors. But he is cursed, for he has incurred the wrath of the mystical woman who rules over her people. He begins to die inside, even a hundred years later he is almost emotionless, just a glittering exterior and empty charm. The physical torment he suffers when the curse takes hold of him is brutal. The thought that he could hurt one of his brothers terrifies him. Rhagel longs to live long enough to free himself from the curse and find some semblance of peace. But he is almost certain that death is the only way to find peace. He still has ninety-one years, eight months and four days until his sentence expires. And until then, every time it gets too hot for him, a change will occur. It can be triggered by pain, anger or physical frustration.


Mary is a young and proud woman trapped by her leukemia. She manages to escape once, but the insidious disease returns with even greater ferocity. Remember what it’s like to not feel like a human being anymore. When she is confronted with leukemia for the first time, she is quickly and silently assigned to the group of the sick and dying. For the people around her, it is a sad reminder that you are mortal and everything is fleeting.

Lover Eternal

Fate meets her flesh and blood horror, Rhage. The encounter takes place at a time when the girl is on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Maria senses the danger, she sees death in his eyes, she is afraid of him, but she also feels strongly attracted to the fierce warrior. For some reason, the woman has an intoxicating effect on Rhage, something unexpected for him. With each encounter, he makes a vampiric effort to maintain his self-control. He senses that he is losing the battle against the monster within him and the reason for this is Mary. Her melodious voice, her scent, her gaze conjure up the beast, and Rhage doesn’t have the strength to resist her. He knows that Mary is the piece he has been missing all these years, but he also knows that he must fight against death to be with her. In desperation, he makes a pact with the scribe virgin and gives everything he has to save her.

” -My twin is not just hurt. He is destroyed. Do you understand the difference? When someone is hurt, there is a way to make things right. If he’s destroyed? Then all you can do is wait until it’s time to bury him. “

Lesser is currently recovering from the Black Dagger Brotherhood attack. The losses they have suffered are great and they are trying to organize a new and larger network to capture the brothers. Without the warriors, the vampire race is vulnerable and the Soulless will destroy their enemies for good. With an unexpected abduction, they incur the wrath of the fiercest vampire, who has almost no soul. A destroyed creature with nothing to lose.


My rating for Lover Eternal is also three stars. There were some good moments, and it was definitely better than the first book. If you are drawn to erotic, paranormal romance novels like this, then you should definitely pick up the second installment in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

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