“Once Upon a Broken Heart” is a series by author Stephanie Garber. It is a sequel to her other series, Caraval.

The books in the series have been recognized as New York Times bestsellers and were finalists in the annual Goodreads Awards.
The series tells the story of Evangeline and
Jacks, the prince of hearts.
The main character is trying to stop the marriage between the love of her life, Luc, and her stepsister Marisol. Evangeline believes that everything is based on a curse because she and Luc are in love with each other. In her desperation, she makes a deal. In return for three kisses from Jacks, the Prince of Hearts grants her wish. Soon after, Evangeline realizes that he is paying a high price.

The protagonist finds herself entangled in a game. There is an old prophecy about an ancient arch that says Evangeline will be the one to open the arch and release its power.

After Jacks, the Prince of Hearts, uses her to achieve his goals, Evangeline swears that she will never trust him again. And all the heroine has ever wanted is to find happiness.

Books in the series:
Once Upon a Broken Heart (2021)
The Ballad of Never After (2022)
A Curse for True Love (2023)