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The Curse of the Crow by Abbey Fox Book Review

Book: The Curse of the Crow

Book 1 of the series The Wicked Kingdom

Author: Abbey Fox

370 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 20, 2021

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The Curse of the Crow

Denied Soulmates

“The Curse of the Crow” is the first book in the Abbey Fox series and, unlike its predecessor, tells the story of a new character. Nava has magic, but is forced to fear it by her parents. She lives in a settlement protected by magical barriers that silence the wizards’ powers. The heroine isn’t only hiding from the Society of Crows, but also from her soulmate. She believes that a magical bond takes away your right to choose who you love.

Full of adventure, with some magical war themes

“The Curse of the Crow” is a dynamic read. The plot moves along quickly, in some places even too quickly for my liking. There were definitely scenes where I wished the tension had been maintained, and others where it was unnecessary. But you definitely shouldn’t throw the book away. I think the author has done a good job and is on par with many famous authors.

The intrigue is evenly distributed throughout the book. There is no unnecessary filler. You can feel the impending danger for the characters at every moment.

There is a huge amount of magic in the plot. Abby Fox has imagination and she proved that to me with the background of the series with The Curse of the Shadow God. The main character is strong and independent and goes through her own evolution. Nava embarks on a path of self-discovery and acceptance. Everything that she has previously avoided and seen as a weakness turns out to be her greatest strength.

Archimedes is the mysterious, super sexy elf who is so powerful that everyone is afraid of him. He has dedicated himself to the life of a hermit and guards all his secrets. One of them actually turns out to be the curse on him and his acquaintance with Nava’s mother.

A slow- burn romance

In this book, you’ll find plenty of romance and captivating attraction alongside a thrilling chase and mysterious secrets. One of the reasons why I read the book quite quickly. I was curious to see how and when things would develop between the two of them. In combination with the constant threat from their pursuers, the book fitted very well into the year 2023.


I rated The Curse of the Crow 4 stars. I was a little hesitant because I think it’s worth 3.5 stars, but then again, it’s much better than the previous book. At some point, I decided that the book is on par with many published authors who are big names in the genre and definitely deserves to be given a chance. It’s not a BOO, but it shouldn’t be thrown away either. Abby Fox isn’t a well-known author yet, but there’s a good chance she’ll be one day.

The ending of the book managed to surprise me. It opened a door to new dark magic that I can’t wait to discover.

Don’t miss out on unknown authors, because there are often hidden gems among them.

The Curse of the Shadow God #Book 0.5

Nava Forrest stumbled upon her soulmate when she was young. A brief meeting with a hooded stranger forever bound her to a man she wanted nothing to do with. Her parents were also soulmates marrying despite her father not being a magic-wielder, their forbidden love forcing their family into hiding.

Now that they are gone, her life raising her younger brother and selling potions to wary townsfolk has been quiet… and magic-free. When the Society of Crows finds Nava, intent on enslaving her, it forces her to flee to the forest, searching for the one person she was told can protect her.

Arkimedes is certainly not what she expected, and her attraction to him is new and unnerving. As the chemistry between them grows, so does her power. With the Society closing in, it forces the two to create unexpected alliances, and work in their disagreements. One rejecting magic and the other a powerful, enigmatic fae, who has secrets of his own and is determined to change her mind.

You will love The Curse of the Crow if you enjoy:

Denied Soulmates

Slow burn romance

Mutual pinning


Adventure packed, with some magical war themes.

Strong, relatable, female MC

Brooding male MC

Reader advisory: This book contains mature themes and adult language.
The Curse of the Crow is the first book in a trilogy, based on the Wicked Kingdom verse.
This book ends in a cliffhanger.

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