Mystery/ Thriller

Mystery is a genre of fiction in which the nature of an event, usually a murder or other crime, remains mysterious until the end of the story.

Types of mystery/thriller:

  • Detective: Again, there is a crime or mystery to solve, but the main characters are professional or retired detectives.
    True Crime: True crime is a literary genre that tells of real crimes committed by real people, such as serial killers.
  • Cozy crime: These novels usually lack violence and suspense and are often about amateur female detectives. They are often, but not necessarily, humorous and thematic.
  • Legal Thriller. The legal thriller is a crime novel in which the justice system is always an important element.
  • Police Procedurals: Detective stories in which the main characters are police officers.
  • Howcatchem: The reverse detective story. The commission of the crime is shown or described at the beginning, usually revealing the identity of the perpetrator. The narrative then describes the detective’s attempt to solve the mystery.
  • A historical detective story
    These works are set in a period that is considered historical.