Jennifer McMahon is an American writer. She holds an MFA in creative writing from Vermont College.

Her first thriller “Promise Not to Tell” was published in 2007. Then in 2008 she published “The Island of Lost Girls” which became a bestseller and made her a preferred thriller author.

Jennifer McMahon

Standalone novels by Jennifer McMahon
Promise Not To Tell (2007)

Island of Lost Girls (2008)

My Tiki Girl (2008)

Dismantled (2009)

Don’t Breathe a Word (2011)

The One I Left Behind (2013)

The Winter People (2014)

The Night Sister (2015)

Burntown (2017)

The Invited (2019)

The Drowning King (2021)

The Children of the Hill (2022)

My Darling Girl (2023)

The Deer Wife (2019)[1]

Idiot Girls (2022)

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