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“House of Hollow” by Krystal Sutherland Book Review

Book: “House of Hollow”

Author: Krystal Sutherland

292 pages, hardcover

First published on April 6, 2021

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When sisterly love knows no bounds, beauty becomes a curse and monsters in the dark are real…

The plot

The story of the Hollow sisters really managed to catch me off guard late at night and surprise me in many ways. Although the book is juvenile, it starts out in a way that quickly had me changing my reading time for reasons that had nothing to do with summer.

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of the three children and their sudden reappearance a month later with lost memories was extremely intriguing to follow. The relationship between the girls moved me, the experiences of the parents shook me and the resolution of the intrigue in the plot shocked me. I still can’t believe that such a terrifying story could appeal to me in so many ways. Although I had only a passing inkling that what happened to Iris, Vivi and Gray was not only unusual but horrific, I still wasn’t prepared for what the final chapters of the book had to offer. Hope is a difficult thing.

Of course, what struck me the most was the strong bond between the sisters and what they would do for each other. I also can’t help but mention the bond between parent and child, because it really is unbreakable. When you know that something terrible has happened, that something is wrong with your child. That was probably the saddest part. The moment when an event happens to a few random people and blows their whole life to pieces. Even when the pieces are glued back together, nothing is the same.

10 years after these events, the older sister disappears again.

As the other two try to find her, the truth from the past comes to light and even begins to haunt them, forcing them to unravel a mystery that made my hair stand on end.

My rating

The greatest beauty of House of Hollow lies in the ugly things that Krystal Sutherland is particularly adept at giving us that make you think about real life events and relationships, even if you read paranormal fantasy. How attractive a person can look on the outside, but inside there is something rotten that sooner or later takes root and finds its way to show itself and destroy everything.

Interesting plot, creepy atmosphere and good dynamics promise a spooky experience for all fans of thrillers and slightly creepier stories.

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