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How to choose an e-reader?

How to choose an e-reader?

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What is an e-reader?

In the article “How to choose an e-reader?” let us start from the beginning and clarify what an e-reader is. It is a device similar to a tablet but designed specifically for reading books. The e-reader is equipped with an e-ink display, which is very similar to the paper of a book and is easy on the eyes. Typically, the device’s screen is not blinding, so you can read in any light without any problems.
For avid readers like us, an e-reader is a great convenience. With it, you can carry the library in your handbag and read in any queue or on public transport. No more heavy paper “bricks” to rip off your shoulder or use in self-defense.
What should you consider before buying the first e-reader you have seen?

When choosing an e-reader, pay attention to the size of the screen and the type.

There are now many different models on the market. They differ in both size and type of screen – black and white or color.
Black and white/ or color. We start with this feature because we think you should first clarify what you want to read on the device. If you are interested in books without illustrations, then a black-and-white screen is just right for you. However, if you are a fan of comics and illustrated publications, the beauty of these books lies precisely in the colors, and you need to opt for a color display.
Size. A quick clarification. The size of e-readers is measured in diagonal, just like televisions, and the unit of measurement is inches. The size of the screen should be based on your preferences. If you have a larger tablet, try it out and see if it’s comfortable for you. Also, consider if it will fit in your pocket and if it is too heavy. Personally, I find it very comfortable to read with the Reader in the evening, and I prefer it to a heavy book that I have a hard time finding space on.

How to choose an e-reader?

Light. One feature you should definitely check is the backlight of the model you choose. This is an extra that allows you to read in dark rooms. The light is very soft and gentle and does not strain your eyes. Most new models have sensors that automatically adjust the brightness to the lighting conditions, but you can also set this manually on the old models.
The touchscreen. My first shock when I received my e-reader was the lack of a touchscreen. Years of using a smartphone got me in the habit of “swiping” on the screen to scroll through pages faster. Later I got used to it and it does not bother me anymore, but when I have to maneuver through menus and search for settings, a touchscreen would definitely be a big relief.

It’s important to pay attention to the supported formats.

I’d like to devote a few lines to the importance of the feature that allows your chosen reader to read the different formats for e-books.
The most widely used format is EPUB and it is read by most devices. Kindle, Pocketbook, Sony Reader, Kobo and many others that you will find on the market.
PDF format was developed by Adobe for its Acrobat products. It is also quite widely used, but it has its drawbacks. The form is designed to look good on an A4 page, and when you open it on the smaller screen of the reader, it is hard to read.
AZW is a format designed specifically for Amazon or Kindle readers. If you have such files and the reader is not of the specified brand, you will need to install an application to change the format to a suitable one.
If you are a fan of graphic novels, you should look for a reader that can read JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF.
And for fans of audio books, you should look for MP3 and M4B formats supported by the device.
We recommend you take a look at a table we took from Wikipedia, which describes in detail the different formats for e-readers and their functions.

Audiobooks for audiophiles.

Listening to an audiobook while going to work or riding the bus is becoming more and more commonplace. More and more e-reader models offer this function as an additional feature. If you are one of the fans of this kind of reading, you should check which models support this feature. Some e-readers even have a text-to-speech feature, which means the device can read aloud to you.
Another good thing to check is the ability to connect headphones. More and more models can connect via Bluetooth, which you should see as an advantage.

Choose an e-reader with enough memory for your needs.

Winnie Pooh’s rule of “the more the merrier” applies here. Of course, you will have a hard time filling the entire memory with books, but it is never superfluous to have an option. Another extra is the ability to insert an additional memory card. Older models do not have this option, and you need to consider your storage space.

Connectivity is a very important element when choosing an e-reader.

We live in the age of wireless Internet, and the age of cables is long gone. Check what capabilities the reader offers for downloading and uploading content. Many models now offer a direct connection to cloud storage, allowing you to access your books from multiple devices. You can easily download them to your laptop and share them with your e-reader, or simply pick up where you left off the day before.
And finally, in this hopefully useful article on how to choose an e-reader, we give you one piece of advice. Do not rush into the purchase. Check out the reviews we have written on our blog about the different models on the market, and take the time to do your research before you go shopping.

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