You are currently viewing PocketBook Basic Lux 2 review – opinion, prices and features.

PocketBook Basic Lux 2 review – opinion, prices and features.

PocketBook Basic Lux 2

Our reading career began with a few books given to us by our parents and a book review blog Reading Trolls, where we can share our impressions and recommendations to reading fans. Given the number of books each of us reads in a year, about 50, this proved to be a heavy blow to the family budget. Later, we discovered the e-book and the convenience of having lots of books without taking up space and dusting / the hosts will understand me /. Of course, like most of us, I started reading on my phone. There are many different options for applications to install and use. But I had a dream, and that was to own such a device, an e-reader. The moment I picked up my pocketbook, the sleeping smeigl in me awoke. It is guarded as a supreme treasure and is the first thing I pack in my luggage when we travel.

Phone or e-book reader?

I have been there, believe me. I find that the phone is really with me everywhere. It’s much easier and more convenient to take it out and read a book while waiting in line. But there is one big BUT. The phone’s screen is not easy to read outdoors. It creates a mirror effect, and it is much more useful for fixing your hair than a portable book. It’s also not a good option in the dark. Now that I have a basis for comparison, I realize the difference. The phone strains the eyes no matter what features you turn on or adjust the contrast. I have gone to bed with burning eyes and furrowed brow after reading several chapters of an interesting book. The e-reader’s screen is very smooth. The e-ink technology allows us to enjoy reading and not strain our eyes. The touch is also much more pleasant and gives the feeling of a real book.

The small size can be considered an advantage, but it is also a disadvantage. Namely, only one paragraph fits on the phone, and you have to turn the pages much more often, which is inconvenient for those who read quickly. And imagine if you decide to increase the font size…

Why I chose PocketBook Basic Lux 2

PocketBook Basic Lux 2 review - opinion, prices and features.

I will share with you my considerations when choosing a reader. I researched and read many different opinions, and there were times when I felt lost among the various recommendations. First and foremost, I came up with some requirements. For me it was very important that the reader has a front light. I explain that this allows you to read in the evening. The light is very light and pleasant and designed not to harm the eyes. Second, I wanted to make sure I could read in a variety of formats. This narrowed down the selection of brands I looked at, as PocketBook offered the largest selection of formats. The model I chose is called the PocketBook Basic Lux 2 and it can read the following file types: PDF, PDF (DRM), EPUB, EPUB (DRM), DJVU, FB2, FB2. ZIP, DOC, DOCX, RTF, PRC, TXT, CHM, HTM, HTML, MOBI. I personally only use EPUB format, but the fact that I do not have to search for programs to change my file is a big plus, I am lazy.

The things that I found as an advantage after getting PocketBook Basic Lux 2

It is very light and comfortable to carry. It is not much bigger than my cell phone and I can easily carry it in my pocket. This model has Wi-Fi. This is very convenient because it allows you to forward your books directly without having to use a cable. Personally, I forward them directly from my phone, as an email attachment, and when the reader is on, it receives them automatically. You can turn the headlights on and off and adjust the light intensity. PocketBook lets you bookmark pages and take notes. Another plus is that the books are nicely arranged and I can store books without worrying about storage space, because the model has 8 GB of internal memory and allows the use of MicroSD.

The battery is very long lasting. To be honest, I charge it every 20-30 days, and I use it a lot.

Price was also a factor. There is a wide range of different brands and models on the market. For me the price of the PocketBook Basic Lux 2 is justified, of course there are much newer and more expensive models, but for me this option fully meets my requirements.

How to choose an e-reader?

Features of PocketBook Basic Lux 2:

DisplayE Ink Carta™
Resolution758 × 1024
Dimensions6” (15.24 cm)
Procesor1 GHz
Storage memory8 GB
Battery1300 mAh (lithium ion))
Cover sensorYes
External memorymicroSD (32 GB maximum)
Image FormatsJPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF
DictionariesEnglish – German, Webster’s Dictionary 1913
Online ServicesDropbox PocketBook, Send-to-PocketBook
ApplicationsLibrary, Dictionary, Gallery, Calculator, RSS News, Chess, Klondike, Snake, Sudoku
Dimensions in millimeters161.3 × 108 × 8 mm
Weight155 g

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Hello, my name is Todora, but now also known as Dochka or Docheto. I have two wonderful dragons at home (boys ages 5 and 7) that I am trying to raise in the love of books. I was quite a chatterbox as a kid when I had required reading in school, and now I am trying to make up for it. I love reading fantasy, sweet endings are not my "thing". I love it when there are struggles, intrigue, and surprises in a book that shake you to your core. If I fell into paranoia that all the characters were traitors, my rating would be 5 stars. In short, I love to read and if one day I find a way to make this my sole occupation and get paid for it :D, I will have stumbled into heaven.

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