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Pocketbook Era Review, Price, and Features

PocketBook Era

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We said it about the PocketBook Color, but with the looks of the Era model, we can say that it fits much better – the new era of e-reading. The model is definitely the company’s most beautiful reader yet.

Apart from being a beautiful PocketBook Era e, it is also very well protected. The model has a scratch-resistant coating and is waterproof. Along with its good looks, it gives the impression of a very high-quality e-reader.


Pocketbook Era Screen
The PocketBook Era is equipped with the best E Inc display on the market. The E Ink Carta™ 1200 ensures a seamless, fast response to the touchscreen.

The electronic reader is equipped with a 7-inch screen. The shape of the case itself is very comfortable and fits perfectly in the hand. The physical buttons of the device, which are usually located on the bottom of the reader, are located on the side. What’s new is that in addition to the page change button and the home page button, there is now also a button for turning the reader on and off.

The PocketBook Era is equipped,

with a G-sensor that allows for comfortable reading with both the right and left hand. The PocketBook Era is equipped with a blackand white display. In turn, the device has an option to adjust the lighting. The user can choose between warm and cool shades, as well as the illumination level. It should be noted that the reader is not equipped with sensors, and if you want to use the automatic setting, you need to set the time correctly on the device, as it depends on the time of day.

The home screen is familiar and does not offer any customization options. But you do have the option to change a lot of other things. For example, PocketBook allows you to change the function of the two buttons Power and Home on the side of the device.


PocketBook Era is equipped with a touchscreen display. Changing pages is done by swiping or using the function keys. When you read a book and hold your finger on the screen, you activate the additional menu where you can make notes or highlight text.

Something that the manufacturer has developed since the PocketBook Color is the ability to manually make Scribble notes (a drawing application). Although this is not its main purpose, Era has a number of customization options. You have the possibility to choose between 8 black tones, 5 line widths and fonts.

Notes also work when you are reading a PDF file. You can highlight your text directly on it. PocketBook has been working in this direction and now offers the possibility to personalize PDF files. You can change the contrast of the images, which is useful and improves the user experience.

The presence of WiFi and Bluetooth is not new and has recently become a mandatory extra.

Audiobooks on Era

The PocketBook Era can also read audiobooks aloud. It is also equipped with a speaker, so you do not always have to use headphones. Another useful feature is text-to-speech, or the reader can convert text to speech. The default language is English, but there is a possibility to install 25 more languages for free. Unfortunately, Bulgarian has not been added yet.


The Era is not an Android device, but it should not be overloaded with unnecessary applications either. A few standard applications like calculator, RSS news, notes, chess, Klondike and Sudoku are present, though.

PocketBook has access to PocketBook Cloud and Dropbox, which gives you additional storage.

The PocketBook Era’s battery

One thing we have always liked about PocketBook models is the long battery life. There’s nothing more annoying than having to charge your device every other day, and that would certainly lower our rating drastically. Fortunately, the PocketBook Era has a battery that lasts several weeks.

Besides all the PocketBook innovations, we should also mention that the Era really works very well. It responds quickly to commands and page turns are very smooth. When you turn the device on, it also responds and charges surprisingly quickly.

How to choose an e-reader?

Our rating for Era

As a downside, we have to note that the PocketBook Era is missing a very important element. On older models, when they go to sleep or are turned off, the display shows the cover of the book you are reading, but this is not the case with Era. What you are reading is visible to all, as the page you are on remains on the screen.

In summary, the PocketBook Era is a very nice reading device. The screen is one of the best in terms of speed. There are conflicting opinions among users of the model about the contrast that the device offers compared to its competitors, but if this is your first e-reader, you will hardly feel the difference.

Features of PocketBook Era:

Name of SpecificationFeatures
Display typeE Ink Carta™ 1200
Display resolution1264 × 1680
Display size7” (17,8 cm)
Colour depth16 levels of greyscale
TouchscreenCapacitive (multisensor)
FrontlightYes (SMARTlight)
ProcessorDual Core (2×1 GHz)
Internal storage16 GB/64 GB The actual available internal storage size may vary depending on the software configuration of your device.
Battery1700 mAh (Li-Ion Polymer). Up to one month of battery life (may vary depending on usage mode, connectivity, and settings).
Cover sensorYes
USB outputUSB Type-C
SpeakersYes (mono)
Platform (OS)Linux 3.10.65
E-book formats (without conversion)ACSM, CBR, CBZ, CHM, DJVU, DOC, DOCX, EPUB, EPUB(DRM), FB2, FB2.ZIP, HTM, HTML, MOBI, PDF, PDF (DRM), PRC, RTF, TXT
Image formatsJPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF
Audio formatsMP3, OGG
Audiobook formatsM4A, M4B, OGG, OGG.ZIP, MP3, MP3.ZIP
Text-to-SpeechEnglish (25 additional languages available for free download on
DictionariesEnglish Webster’s 1913, English ↔ Arabic, English ↔ Armenian, English ↔ Azeri, English ↔ Chinese (Simplified), English ↔ Chinese (Traditional), English ↔ Estonian, English ↔ French, English ↔ German, English ↔ Greek, English ↔ Hebrew, English ↔ Hungarian, English ↔ Italian, English ↔ Latvian, English ↔ Lithuanian, English ↔ Polish, English ↔ Portuguese, English ↔ Romanian, English→Russian, English ↔ Slovak, English ↔ Spanish, English ↔ Swedish, English ↔ Turkish, English ↔ Ukrainian, German → Russian, Italian (Wiktionary), Spanish (Wiktionary)
Online servicesPocketBook Cloud, ReadRate, Dropbox, Send-to-PocketBook
Applications Book store, Library, Dictionary, Browser, Audio Books, Music player, Gallery, Calculator, RSS News, Notes, Chess, Klondike, Scribble, Sudoku
Dimensions134,3 × 155 × 7,8 mm
Weight228 g
Available ColoursStardust Silver, Sunset Copper
Water protectionYeas (IPX8)
Retail setE-reader, USB Type-C cable, USB Type-C audio adapter, quick start guide, warranty obligations leaflet

PocketBook Era Users Guide:

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