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“Obsidian” by Jennifer Armentrout Book Review

Book: Obsidian

Series: Lux Book 1

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

335 pages, Paperback

Published May 8, 2012 by Entangled Teen

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From California to West Virginia

Strange things are happening in the small town in Virginia where Katy has to move and start over. A new town, a new house and a new school, and life in the country is very different from life in Florida. Her neighbors are strange, men in black are seen on the streets and the townspeople eye her with suspicion. To make matters worse, the most arrogant boy Katy has ever met is also the most attractive in town.

Katy is a normal, modest girl who loves books and her book blog. Her life goes completely off the rails when she befriends the girl next door. Dee is feisty and desperate to make friends, but her brother Daemon is adamantly against it. Katy is pressured and bullied by the creepy neighbor, but is determined not to bend and sees nothing wrong with hanging out with Dee. Until one night her life is turned upside down and she discovers the truth about the town’s mysterious inhabitants.

Men in black and paranormal powers

I’m not a fan of books and movies about aliens, I’ll admit that. That was my biggest argument against Obsidian. My decision was also influenced by my desire to read a light story that would sweeten my day with a dose of romance. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. And no, there are no green men with big eyes.

The book is a mix of a romance novel and a paranormal novel. In Obsidian, you’ll find a large dose of humor that makes the story flow and lightens the tension. To sweeten the romance, there is a handsome male character with a toned body that all the girls at school have a crush on. He looks good on the outside, but is also terribly annoying.

Last words about Obsidian

In Obsidian, Jennifer Armentrout relies on a fast-paced plot that is rounded off with a good dose of suspense. There is also a romance and a mystery. So far, my experience with Jennifer Armentrout hasn’t been the best, simply because I’m not a fan of over-the-top erotica, but you won’t find any of that in Obsidian. The author surprised me several times and managed to hold my attention until the end. “Obsidian” isn’t a thick book, but a very light, relaxing read that will keep you relaxed and engaged at the same time.

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