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“Onyx” by Jennifer Armentrout Book Review

Book: Onyx

Series: Lux Book 2

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

421 pages, Paperback

First published August 14, 2012

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When you wake up with superpowers

Katy is no longer the shy girl who can sit at home and read books. Not only has she tangled with her alien neighbors, but now she finds that something strange is happening to her. She has no explanation for the things that are happening to her and can’t share them with anyone. Her powers are getting stronger and stronger and she can’t control them. The hope that everything will pass fades as Katy realizes that she is a threat to the people around her. She must learn to control the strange powers and finds support from someone who is just like her.

As Katy spends her days with mysterious new student Blake, a deep rift grows between her, Daemon and Dee. There are too many unspoken things and secrets that keep them apart. Their relationship is already complicated and they are torn between the palpable attraction between them and the common sense that whispers that they shouldn’t get involved. On top of that, there’s a third player that will shock you at some point. The love triangle that Jennifer Armentrout spins in Onyx didn’t particularly surprise me, but it had its appeal.

Katy becomes embroiled in a dangerous game with many powerful organizations at its center. People keep disappearing and the aliens turn out to be the least of her problems. Jennifer Armentrout managed to shock me a few times, I admit.

Onyx is a book to unload

It took me quite a while to write this review because firstly, I didn’t have the muse and secondly, I found it hard to share a decent amount of meaningful things about Onyx with you. What can you say about a book that doesn’t have 300 pages and reads easily.

The truth is that despite the length, Jennifer Armentrout can write and impress with her interesting twists and turns. “Onyx” is the second book in the series and the author manages to weave a new intrigue to keep the reader’s interest. Despite its short length, the book is well written and reads easily. There is a balance between momentum and a deliberate slowing down of the plot, which in turn gives strength to the events that follow.

Jennifer Armentrout has managed to impress me with this series.

I’m not a huge fan of her earlier books, but Lux has become much more likable to me. Why is that?

The books are written in a light style and can be read in one breath
There is a good balance between action and romance
There are no overly racy scenes, which I associate with her writing style
The books are the kind of relaxing, light read I was looking for
Original plot
“Lux” is a series I recommend if you need to get over your reading slump. It worked for me and whetted my appetite for light, romantic reads. So I will continue with the next book in the series and hope that Armentrout can captivate me again.

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