“Celestial Kingdom” is a duology by Sue Lynn Tan that draws on elements of Chinese mythology. In the first book the Daughter of the Moon Goddess, we follow Xingyin’s journey in her struggle to free her mother from the eternal prison of the moon. In the story you will find plenty of adventure, tales of immortals, gods and magic, family and love.

Art credit: Arz28

Xingyin is the daughter of the Moon Goddess and the mortal archer Houyi. Through his great deeds, her father has received the elixir of immortality from the Celestial Emperor himself. But Chang’e is pregnant and the doctors are certain that she will die in childbirth along with the baby. When she goes into labor and the pain is worse than ever, Chang’e drinks the Elixir of Immortality out of fear for the baby. Enraged by her betrayal of Houyi, the Celestial Emperor sentences her to eternal imprisonment on the moon.

Xingyin grew up in complete isolation on the moon and had no idea that the imperial family was unaware of her existence. To hide her, Chang’e conceals his daughter’s magic and forbids her to use it. But the more Xingyin grows, the stronger she becomes, until one day her curiosity gets the better of her and she uses a little of her magic. The secret of the Moon Goddess is almost revealed and she is forced to send her daughter away to save her from the emperor’s wrath.

Xingyin falls into the Celestial Realm alone, powerless and frightened.

Forced to conceal her identity, she searches for a way to free her mother from her eternal prison on the moon. Chance gives her the opportunity to train alongside the emperor’s son and learn archery, hand-to-hand combat and magic.

To save her mother, Xingyin embarks on a dangerous journey where she encounters legendary creatures and fierce enemies. But when treachery arises and forbidden magic threatens the kingdom, she must challenge the ruthless Celestial Emperor for a chance to realize her dream. The daughter of the Moon Goddess makes a dangerous deal, torn between losing everything she loves and plunging the kingdom into chaos.