“The Bridge Kingdom” is a series by bestselling American author Danielle L. Jensen. The genre of the books is romantic fantasy, more like teenage fantasy. The action takes place in an alternative world. The kingdoms of Valcotta, Maridrina, Amarid, Harendell and Teraford fight for control of an ancient bridge that connects the countries.

The plot revolves around the idea of a never-ending war. Everyone wants to control the bridge, which means that Ithicana is constantly under attack. The people in the kingdom of the bridge are almost constantly busy defending the ancient structure.

In the midst of this never-ending war, a love story develops that at first glance seems to have absolutely no chance. Princess Lara is sent on a secret mission to the King of Ithicana. She soon realizes that everything she believed in is not quite true.


The series comprises 4 books:

The Bridge Kingdom
The Traitor Queen
The Inadequate Heir
The Endless War