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“Glucose Revolution” by Jessie Inchauspé Book Review

Book: “Glucose Revolution”

Author: Jessie Inchauspé

304 pages, Hardcover

First published January 10, 2022

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I know we’re inundated with similar books, articles and shows about “healthy” living these days. How many of them are right and how many are wrong I can’t possibly comment on for everyone, but I’m especially careful when experimenting with any kind of diet. I’ve found for myself that simple foods are quite enough to get certain vitamins and minerals without causing problems. Advice from someone who has read many similar books: Question everything you read and be suspicious of the “experts”.

Eating right can give you energy, eating wrong can lead to an upset stomach, fatigue and even depression. We try to eat healthy, and we think we eat healthy. So why are there still problems? Here are some of the issues Jessie addresses in Glucose Revolution and her recommendations:

Topics covered in “Glucose Revolution”

As you’ve already heard, insulin is an extremely important hormone that is responsible for a number of processes in the body. This is a tricky subject that I’ve no experience with. So in that regard, I’m not going to analyze whether the book is useful or useless, because I don’t (yet) have any similar issues in this area. But the suggested methods of consuming foods in a way that doesn’t cause me discomfort and is even beneficial when it can, have proven to be very effective.

What Jesse tells me about some things I already know: juices don’t give me the vitamins I need, but fill me up with fructose (and irritate my stomach in the meantime), preferably a whole fruit; rice is a carbohydrate, whether white, black, benben, etc… but properly “dressed” with the fiber and protein you need beforehand, it won’t do to you what it does to you if you just eat a bowl of rice; jam for breakfast isn’t okay, and many other “hacks” as they’re called in the book that are useful.

You have all heard that it’s not good to mix certain foods, not because it’ll harm you, but because you’ll not get the necessary beneficial substances that these foods contain, and so on and so forth.

I’ve found for myself that the more simple (and not too varied) foods I eat, the better I feel. If you look into the past, you’ll see that the so-called upper class suffered from various diseases because of their gourmet lifestyle. Conversely, people who lived in the countryside and ate a simple diet didn’t have these problems.

What will you learn from “Glucose Revolution”?

The book itself contains ten simple tips that have helped people with health problems to improve their condition and regain their energy. And all without having to go on a diet. Just eat in the right order.

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